Habiba Doorenbos

I’m Habiba Doorenbos, a muralist and illustrator based in Amsterdam.

As a child I spent every spare minute drawing mermaids, centaurs, princesses and horses. Then I fell in love with film and studied Production Design at the Dutch Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam.

After working in the movie industry for one year I ended up rediscovering my first love: drawing and painting.

In 2011 I started working as an intern for Bob Gibson of the streetart duo ‘The London Police’. Since then I’ve spend many happy hours painting and drawing, picking up some awesome skills along the way. Helping their art come to life on canvasses and big walls has been a dream come true and pushed my creativity in new directions.

As a muralist my ambition for every project is to create a mural that resonates with my clients, their atmosphere, and the other ingredients of the space and to make sure it has that unique creative spark and vibrant playfulness.